• We provide thought-leadership, expertise and solutions to help our clients become Data-Driven organizations.
  • TD Global offers Architectural review, design & implementation.
  • TD Global helps companies leverage their data and digital assets, optimally.
Organisations struggle to manage data in terms of growth, security and management.
  • Organisations struggle to manage data growth, security & management.
  • They fail to derive actionable insight from their data and digital assets.
  • They cannot provide real business value.
  • They are unable to harness data & digital assets to drive innovation in order to stay competitive.
  • We blend expertise & experience.
  • We have proven methodologies & the best-of-breed technologies.
  • We enable the management of data & digital assets.
  • We help derive meaningful insights & true business value, optimally.
    Agile Data Platform
  • Agile Data Delivery – ADD
  • Accelerated Real-Time Data with Analytics – ART

  • Services:
  • Database Services
  • Monitoring Services
  • Data Access Monitoring
  • Data Governance & Analytics
  • DIAG – Data Integration and Governance
    • BCBS 239
    • Protection of Personal Information
  • Database Activity Monitoring
  • Information Asset Governance – B|DNA

  • Services:
  • Health Checks
  • Architectural review, design & implementation
  • Agile Data Platform
    Do you know who is accessing your data and where it comes from?
    We help businesses monitor, access and protect their data.
    Are your projects taking too long to provision?
    We help businesses streamline their DevOps by optimizing Data Delivery.
    Are your business systems ready for value analytics?
    We help businesses to gain value out of their data through in memory data technologies and predictive analytics.
    Are your databases performing optimally?
    We help businesses monitor performance and availability of critical systems.
    Data Governance & Analytics
    Do you have a single view of your customer?
    We help businesses integrate and cleanse their customer data.
    Do you have visibility of your HW & SW?
    We help businesses build an enriched normalized view of their IT landscape.
    Is your data easily accessible?
    We help businesses bring disparate data together for faster understanding and value.
    Can you meet regulatory reporting requirements?
    We help businesses accelerate data quality and provide regulatory reporting solutions.
    We have partnerships with global leading software vendors which enable us to drive specific solution-oriented messages into the market.
    Alan is the CEO and founding member of TD Global and oversees the strategic growth for the group as a whole. He is an experienced technology professional with in excess of 30 years technical and management experience in ICT.
    Alan Cowley
    Alan Cowley
    In the role of Chief Operating Officer, Wayne is responsible for leading the Strategic Operations, Sales Support and Strategic Initiatives for the business. Wayne has over 25 years experience in the IT industry.
    Wayne Borcher
    Wayne Borcher
    As Technical Director, Ocea is responsible for executing on the Group’s Strategy around our solutions in the innovation space. Ocea has a BSc in Computer Science with over 30 years experience working at IBM.
    Ocea Garriock
    Technical Director
    Ocea Garriock
    Technical Director
    As Managing Director of TD Global in Asia Pacific and being the WW Chief Revenue Officer for the group. He is responsible for the group’s operations in Asia Pacific and worldwide sales. Stuart has 20 years experience in management and sales roles in the ICT industry.
    Stuart Pearce
    Managing Director
    Stuart Pearce
    Managing Director
    TD Global consulting services have delivered and continues to deliver business value to its broad base of customers through its specialised practices. The TD Global practices will formulate an implementation approach and delivery framework using industry best approaches to discover and implement on your requirements.
    We achieve this through:
    • The TD Global Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS’s)
    • Our extensive experience in delivering ‘Data-Driven Insights’
    The Practice Model:
    • Expectation: deliver and exceed on customer requirements and expectations
    • Obligation: understand the market trends, strategies of software vendors and the needs of our customers
    Project Management

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